Cavanna, All Around Your Flowpack

Cavanna changes because market changes 
From 21st March 2017 the "Cavanna Packaging Group" logo has been replaced by "Cavanna, All Around Your Flowpack".
Competition is increasingly aggressive: new markets, different tastes, different habits.
Brand industry asks for complete, customized lines, turn-key plants, no-problem solutions, flexible solutions for shapes, sizes and batches. To face these changes, Cavanna has invested on different levels: research and development, flowpacks, speeds and sealing units.
Flowpack remains at the core, but in the past 5 years Cavanna has invested more than 12 million Euro in
new loaders, buffers, delta robots and robotized end of lines.
Cavanna has developed three-dimensional vision systems and line simulators because the efficiency of the line, productivity and Total Cost of Ownership are achieved all around the flowpack.
Cavanna, All Around Your Flowpack